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Jopen Craft brewery

Jopen Craft Brewery is one of the most popular craft breweries in the Netherlands. Located in Haarlem, Jopen features a taproom set in a beautifully restored church, known as the Jopenkerk. Established in 1994, Jopen masterfully combines traditional brewing methods with innovative recipes. Their unique approach has made them a beloved name in the craft beer community.

The Challange Jopen faced

Jopen initially had only a bottling line, but due to the increasing demand for cans, they decided to add a canning line. They explored setting up a temporary packaging line to handle the cans. If this proves successful, they intend to invest in a more automated packaging line.

The first canning solution from Zomerdijk

Zomerdijk delivered the first machine for Jopen in 2022, when Jopen was exploring the canning market and wanted a semi-automatic canning line.

At that time, Zomerdijk provided a semi-automatic depalletizer, twist rinser, reflow table, and semi-automatic case packer. This collaboration was a great success for Jopen, and the demand for Jopen cans continued to rise.

More automation for Jopen

Due to the success of the cans and growing demand, Jopen decided to further automate their production line. Zomerdijk took full responsibility for the project, overseeing the entire automation process.

Jopen aimed to run the canning line at a speed of 6,000 cans per hour. We achieved this by implementing our can depalletizer, various custom-made conveyors, a checkweigher, and a rotary filler from one of our partners

casepacker Zomerdijk Engineering

The succesfull Partnership between Jopen and Zomerdijk Engineering

Jopen and Zomerdijk have become great partners. By listening to customer needs and delivering high-quality machinery, we are both more than happy to work together.

We took an interview with Jaap, the Production Manager at Jopen, where he tells about their canning line. Jaap also emphasizes the importance of the total package:

Price is important, but not the main focus; the emphasis is primarily on the total value that the supplier offers”