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Zomerdijk Engineering

We are four brothers from Heiloo, The Netherlands. All of us have a technical background which we like to put to use. This started in 2015 when we started our own brewery under the name ‘’De Moersleutel craft brewing’. Not to boast, but it proved quite successful. We’re in the top breweries of our country every year and are growing quite significant over the years. 

During the growth of our brewery we were going through the regular growing pains a brewery could expect. But instead of just going out looking for other solutions to help with those pains, we decided we could do a better job of solving our problems. In the year 2018 we bought our fist canning line, which was a ‘’Wild Goose evolution series’’. A good starting point, but we felt we needed to improve the ease of use for this machine. With growing demand in our own country, but abroad also, working the canning line by hand was becoming less and less of an option. That’s why we started to hand craft in- and outfeed equipment. It didn’t take long for other breweries to find out about our custom machines and they began reaching out to us with the question if we’d like to build them the same machines. They wanted to make canning easy for themselves as well. And we are not the ones who say no to our fellow brewers.

Now, a couple of years later, the incoming requests have grown to such a significant number that we decided to create a separate company for it: Zomerdijk Engineering, supplying our fellow craft brewers with the equipment to upgrade their canning lines.
Now you’d like to know who we are, right? Without further ado, the four brothers: