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Zomerdijk Engineering works in accordance with Metaalunie, which is a Dutch organization of entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry. All business is conducted in accordance to Metaalunie conditions. For more information on Metaalunie visit




247TailorSteel is working in the sheet steel machining industry for over 15 years. 247TailorSteel supplies customized laser-cut sheet and tube material, and has benefited from the use of a laser cutting machines since 1978. By 2015, thousands of customers have taken advantage of the 247TailorSteel portal, Sophia®, to order customized laser-cut sheets and tubes online. These are the general terms and conditions of 247TailorSteel.



Zomerdijk Engineering thrives on its ability to produce outstanding quality and is proud to be in possession of an ISO 9001 certificate applicable to development, production, supply and installation of processing equipment.