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Outfeed Table

The outfeed buffer table helps you to collect your filled packaging at the end of the line, this table is made to help you package your products

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Our Outfeed table in action

Buffers up to 100 cans at the end of your packaging line

HDPE top layer

Low weight and fold-able

Suitable for

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Pet/ Plastic

can twist rinser machine


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Outfeed table

The outfeed buffer table enables the collation and accumulation of bottles and cans from conveyor lines and packing areas. It does this by creating a buffering zone on a low speed line and also providing accumulation at the end of the production line.

Its small and compact size is ideal for areas that are not large enough or not suitable for a fully automated system. It’s low weight and fold-able legs make it easy to set up and remove as needed. This helps with keeping spaces clear for other uses when the canning line is not in use.

HDPE top layer

Low weight and fold-able

Buffers up to 100 cans at the end of your packaging line

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