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About Uiltje brewing company

Brouwerij Uiltje, officially Uiltje Brewing Company is a Dutch craft beer brewery. The brewery was founded as Het Uiltje in 2012. The brewery has been brewing its own beer at the brewery in the Waarderpolder in Haarlem since 2016. In 2021, the brewery was acquired by Royal Swinkels Family Brewers.

Uiltje has won national and international awards, ranking for the second time in the Top 100 Best Brewers in the World by beer platform RateBeer. Outside the beer world, the brewery is known for its distinctive labels illustrated by “Gerben Valkema”

The problem

Outdated machines that no longer met the quality and cappacity requirements of Uiltje brewing company.

The Solution

Zomerdijk engineering designed and built the new line. And with the same number of opperators was able to realize a doubling of capacity.