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About Mad scientist

Mad Scientist is a Hungarian brewery based in Budapest founded by Csaba Tarján, Tamás Szilágyi and Gergő Závodszky in 2016. Their brewery is based in a old industrial building built in 1912 that previously hosted the brewery Fővárosi Serfőző.

The problem

Mad Scientist was coping with too much manual labor which was cutting into the time they had for brewing. Also space was limited in the old building so they needed a swift and scalable canning line.

The Solution

We delivered our semi-automatic depalletizer which was the very first (big) step to scale up their canning. Saving time and having to use fewer people to operate the canning line. Mad Scientist was very happy with their solution: “Right on schedule, best depal for the job, badass family with engineering and brewing background.” as stated by Gergő Závodszky, Co-founder